Eugene Parker – Senior Pastor Pastor Eugene is a humble and devoted leader who serves as senior pastor of Preparing for the Promise Ministries. Known for his passion to teach and his ability to make the word plain and simple. Pastor Parker’s quiet yet powerful knowledge of the word leaves an alarming effect on all that hear him. Exercising his desire to serve God completely, he always extends his time, effort, and love to the needy, oppressed, weak and desolate. Making it very apparent that the Holy Spirit abides within him. A father of two and a grandfather, with his wife Sallie, his work inspires others to lead by example, by establishing the family as a vital part of discipleship and servitude.


 Prophetess Sallie is a strong woman of God who serves with grace and compassion. A motivated and inspired speaker, she speaks the word of God prophetically and powerfully.  She continues to work alongside her husband, embracing the work that God is completing in him: Preparing for the Promise Ministries.  Sallie serves in the local community in and out of state as she sings the gospel and speaks the word, as the Holy Spirit instructs her to do so. A devoted wife, mother of two, and a grandmother, Mrs. Parker lives her life with a kingdom focus.

Pastor Eugene and Sallie Parker are leaders who serve others and God with excellence and integrity. For over 2 decades, they have embarked on the Journey of teaching and leading others to the truth,  that there is only One God! With 32 years of marriage, the couple serves alongside each other, as God inspired Pastor Eugene to lead conference training on the importance of marriage, focusing on God’s design for marriage. From Marriage Ministry, God has called them to establish His church, “Preparing for the Promise Ministries”. They continue to travel to outside events to help prepare lives for the coming Savior. Together, they touch many lives with marriage ministry, community services, outreach ministry, elderly services, mentoring, Sunday services, and Bible Study. As the works for God Continues to grow, Pastor Eugene and Prophetess Sallie will hear the voice of God that He be glorified.